About Us

Enrique was born in Lima - Perú. At the early age of 14, he started as an assistant dog trainer for a K-9 Unit. Not soon after developing his skills, he opened his own business offering:
  • Grooming
  • Obedience
  • Overall Animal Care
In his 20's Enrique moved to California where he started offering his services to high-end clientele. Over the last 28 years he has developed a proven technique based on the principles of:

Our Services

    • Full Grooming95%
    • Personal Care90%
    • Physical Training100%
    • Healthy Food100%
    • Professional Trainer on Staff100%
    • Pick-up and Delivery100%
    • Security and Fire Protection Systems100%
    • Veterinarian on Call 24/7100%


    • Nowadays Enrique owns and runs the Boss The Pet Connections stores and whether it’s a pamper day, playdate, sleepover, training class or doggie treats, he and his team provide the best in pet services with highly trained, passionate associates. From the BOSS pet hotel & doggie day camp as an alternative to pet sitting, to the dog training and grooming as an alternative to DIY, BOSS Pet Connection services are conveniently located inside most of our stores located thought Florida.
      Positive Accomplishment using balanced, educated and experienced energy.